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Superior Reliability

Reliable and hassle-free operation delivered by consistent printer performance at a wide range of temperatures

Flexible service with minimal service interventions to fit around your production schedule, helping to reduce maintenance cost.

Clean starts provided whenever you need to print with automatic printhead cleaning, controlled by you.

Simple Operation

Quick and easy code setup and selection using a large, high-resolution, colour touch screen with icons which are easy to understand and operate to withstand your manufacturing environment.

Simple message changes for fast editing when changing batches or products, no need to re-type messages or navigate through multiple screens.

Easy fluid refills completely mess-free and mistake-free fluid refills during printing using septum sealed cartridges.

Consistent Performance

Future-proof capability enabling you to print up to 420 products a minute with clear and readable codes.

Long-lasting printed codes on a wide range of materials with a range of fast drying inks.

Consistent print quality achieved by automatically adapting to changing environmental conditions.

Key Features

  Prints up to 3 lines of text, numbers, barcodes and logos.

  Quick and easy code set up and selection.

  Fast, mistake-proof editing.

  Suitable for a wide range of environments.

  Clean starts with automatic printhead cleaning.

  Consistent print quality.

  Range of fast drying inks.

  Quick-change mess-free, mistake-proof fluid cartridges.

  Printed character sizes from 2 to 7.5mm to meet your coding requirements.

  Easy to install.

  Flexible service.

Physical characteristics

  8” colour touch screen

  Stainless steel enclosure and printhead cover

  IP43 environmental protection rating

  2m conduit as standard with 3m option

  Weight 16kg (including fluids)

Printing capability

  Up to 3 lines of text, symbols, numbers, barcodes and logos

  Data Matrix codes

  Character height from 2mm to 7.5mm

  Maximum print speed 2.5m/s (single line of code)

Programming features

  Simple message creation and editing with drag-and-drop field positioning

  Automatic date forwarding (for printing expiry dates)

  Sequential number printing

  USB port for copy and back-up of message and printer settings, and for easy transfer of messages between printers

  Message store of up to 100

  Output measurement on screen